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InNeuroCo is now part of Integer

Innovative Neurovascular Concepts

Performing Surgery

Our Mission

Revolutionize the Neurovascular Industry

InNeuroCo's mission is to create and deliver high-quality complex catheter solutions.  Dedicating time and resources to design and develop safe revolutionary technology, which industry leaders and doctors not only approve of . . . but also depend on. 

InNeuroCo brings together brilliant minds in science and engineering with access to the most advanced neurovascular technologies to build life-saving medical devices that go the distance. 


When it comes to your life, we don't outsource our materials outside of the U.S.  We insource high caliber U.S.-made materials to ensure high quality and safety because your life depends on it. 


With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance the way doctors save lives.  Founded in 2014, our incredible team of engineers, world-renowned doctors, technicians, and manufacturing team have worked tirelessly to bring InNeuroco to the forefront of the industry. 


InNeuroCo's regulatory team has achieved over 20 successful regulatory submissions within the US (FDA), Europe (CE Mark) and Asia.

Innovative Technology

Your Innovative

With Us The Possibilities Are Endless

InNeuroCo is your neurovascular innovation partner, leading the pursuit of high-quality medical devices by revolutionizing how they’re designed, developed, and manufactured.


At the forefront of our radiological revolution is pioneer Dr. Ajay Wakhloo,  widely acknowledged father of flow diversion treatment of brain aneurysms, who continues to challenge and disrupt the neurovascular industry with his brilliant life-saving ideas. 

Our comprehensive technological solutions help neurovascular doctors achieve greater success, but most importantly we provide them with leading-edge science to save and improve lives around the world. 

"We bring state-of-the-art neurovascular medical devices to life." 

Ready to disrupt the neurovascular industry? 

From prototype to global manufacturing, we have all the tools and resources to bring your brilliant ideas to help save lives. 

"Big results require big ambitions"

~ Heraclitus

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